During the months of January and February summer comes to Punta Brava, a season in which the forest is full of colors and the sea is clear as crystal. It’s the perfect time for hiking, going to the beach, snorkeling or just relaxing.

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During the month of May the famous Humboldt Current that comes from the south brings sardine’s schools sought by marine predators. That’s why the Tribugá Gulf and the shore, especially the area of Cabo Corrientes, are filled with a huge variety of fish, who come searching for food, making it a unique setting for sport fishing. This area has been described as one of the places with the best fishing season in the world.



During the months of July and August, these giant marine mammals come to the Colombian Pacific coast to give birth to their calves and prepare for their long migrations. Thanks to its location and depth, the Tribugá Gulf provides whales with the perfect environment and temperature for breeding, and allows them to stay in these waters for about 4 months, until late October or early November. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy their company. Whale watching is a unique experience. This activity is done in other parts of the world but they often have to go to open sea. In the area of Chocó, whales swim very close to the shore so you can see them very easily. You can often see them from the hotel deck, or just along the coast when you are in the boat.


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    The place offers an interesting variety of walks, ecological tours and water activities for all tastes

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    Between the months of July to October, humpback whales pass by Cabo Corrientes with their calves to the waters of the Cove of Utría

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    Known geographically as the westernmost point of the Colombian geography Cape is a place of great beauty