Punta Brava offers the best Chocó’ s dishes, prepared by local cooks, who use natural ingredients from the region, offering a great variety of seafood, fruits and other natural products. Punta Brava’s kitchen also offers international cuisine for all tastes.

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Our kitchen has become a central place of our hotel. Punta Brava’s cuisine is open to our customers, thereby creating a space for them to become a part of this wonderful tradition. Our menus are designed to combine the best of local and international cuisine, embracing the culinary preferences and contributions of our customers. Just as we offer delicious fish with coconut for a unique lunch, we offer healthy and light breakfasts. Since there are no more restaurants near the hotel, Punta Brava offers a personalized service that can adapt the menu for our visitors. Let us know of your preferences when you book your room!

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    The place offers an interesting variety of walks, ecological tours and water activities for all tastes

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    Between the months of July to October, humpback whales pass by Cabo Corrientes with their calves to the waters of the Cove of Utría

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    Known geographically as the westernmost point of the Colombian geography Cape is a place of great beauty